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    Are Doctors Sued in Defective Medical Product Cases?

    Posted on - Saturday, May 9, 2015 under FAQ, Medical Malpractice Are Doctors Sued in Defective Medical Product Cases?

    Doctors are Rarely Parties in Defective Drug & Device Cases

    Families affected by dangerous prescription drugs and defective medical devices are often confused and angry. However, I must say that many times that anger is not directed towards the physician that prescribed or installed the product. When a prospective client does call with anger and resentment towards their physician, one of the first things we attempt to do is gauge the underlying cause of such emotion. The most common reason goes something as follows: “I can’t believe he/she would prescribe/implant a dangerous drug/device in my body.” Folks, 99.99% of the time, your doctor was providing you with the best possible care when prescribing/installing the product.

    Your Doctor is Often Just as Much a Victim

    Doctors’ offices are busy places. A doctors’ time is extremely valuable. The doctor must see patients, conduct surgeries, return phone calls, consult with other physicians, and perform a host of other tasks during the day. Now, enter pharmaceutical reps and medical device sales people. They are usually those good looking people that meander up to the reception window with a boatload of food. What are they seeking? Just a brief moment with the physician. These people work for the billion dollar drug and device companies scattered all over the world. The goal? Get that doctor to prescribe or use their product. Simple sales 101.

    Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Makers are Marketing Geniuses (Kind Of)

    Prescription Drug & Medical Device salespeople come armed with literature and knowledge provided to them by their companies. When a new drug enters the market, the companies are usually pushing these drugs as the newest and best alternative to a drug that has recently gone generic. As for devices, they are kind of like cars. The new devices are superior to the old. Sometimes, however, drugs and devices enter the market with undiscovered consequences.

    • Xarelto, a blood thinner, came on the market with no known way to stop bleeding it causes except for the good lord’s will;
    • Zofran entered the market as an anti-nausea medicine for chemotherapy patients. It magically morphed into a medicine for pregnant women;
    • Hip Implants;
    • Transvaginal Mesh & Bladder Slings; and
    • Fen Phen – Yeah, we won’t even go there.

    What to Do When You are a Victim of Dangerous Prescription Drugs & Defective Medical Devices

    The Parian Law Firm, LLC represents people all over America injured by drugs and devices. Our attorneys and the other attorneys we work with are leaders in drug and device litigation. Plain and simple, we want to hold these billion dollar corporations responsible for allowing their products to injure people. We want to hear from you. Call (770) 727-5550 today or simply chat online with someone from our firm now. We are ready to fight for you.