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    2019 Education Equality winner – Lydia Rice

    The Parian Law Firm is excited to announce Lydia Rice as our 2019 Education Equality Scholarship! Lydia is currently a freshman at Georgia State University and is pursuing a degree in astrophysics. She has lived in Georgia all of her life but was adopted from China. She’s very thankful for her amazing family who supports all of her creative ideas. Lydia is deeply fascinated by physics and outer space, but she also cares about current events and how it impacts the community around her. Lydia is deeply passionate about buy klonopin c.o.d finding creative ways to make college, and all education more accessible for everyone.

    When she heard that she won the 2019 Education Equality Scholarship, Lydia had this to say: “Amazed. I was so amazed and happy to have won this scholarship. With second-semester bills coming up, this is an indescribable gift! More than that though, this scholarship honestly prompted me to take time and think about the impact I want to have on the education system. I hope to continue working on the ideas that it’s inspired. Parian Law Firm, thank you so much! “